Updates from Global Missionaries

Mike Watkins June 2023 Update

Thirty Years Going!  This month marks thirty years since we moved to L’viv, Ukraine, as missionaries. I took my first trip to Moscow during the final years of the Soviet Union in 1989 to study advanced Russian, and I went on scouting trips to Russia or Ukraine every...

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Eddie Evans June 2023 Update

Greetings dear friends, I hope you’re all doing well in Gods grace! My time back in the States is going well...getting settled in, enjoying early morning walks at Lake Jordan, enjoying a wide variety of foods, enjoying time with family and friends, and exploring my...

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Eddie Evans May 2023 Update

Greetings dear friends! I hope you’re all doing well in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Well…after a few needed extensions to my stay here I finally purchased my return ticket to the states…God willing I will be flying out next Thursday. It is...

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Eddie Evans – April 2023 Update

Greetings dear friends! I hope you’re all doing well in Gods grace! The past two months in Ethiopia have been both fruitful and emotional. As I have shared with many of you over the past year, I have been sensing that this might be my last time living in Ethiopia....

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Zach Hallow – January 2023 Update

January 2023 Update Read More I am so happy I get to write you and update you on the past month. When I arrived in Egypt, I didn't really know what to expect... but God has really shown me that wherever he has placed you, being a consistent disciple in your community...

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A Message from Our President

"Throughout my experiences in traveling to other countries as a pastor, I have recognized a common trend that exists among various ministries and missionaries. This trend is one of potential opportunity to impact the nations, yet the necessary resources are not always available to seize these moments. In an effort to address this challenge, Global Impact Resources was established as a resource-gathering agent for missionaries and ministries." - Mike Williams

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