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Watkins May 2020 Update

Surprise! We are in the US a month earlier than planned, and here is the story, a short Covid- 19 adventure. We had originally planned a summer trip to the US starting the end of May, but Myra was hospitalized again with some secondary health issues two weeks ago....

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April 2020 Update – Eddie Evans

IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM EDDIE EVANS I hope you’re all doing well in this time that we are all currently passing through.   I want to get straight to the point...we urgently need your prayers and financial help at this time.   For the safety of our students and staff our...

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Watkins April 2020 Update

It’s not easy to start a missionary update amidst a pandemic lockdown but suffice it to say that you are most likely reading this from home. And if you were not home, you couldn’t easily open this email on your phone with rubber gloves, our collective “new normal.”...

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March 2020 Update Melanie Shepard

Hello Friend! She sent me five emphatic videos to my phone saying this: “I can’t get over it Melanie! All day I’ve been telling God, ‘Here I am.’ Then I got home to read my Bible and the next Psalm I am supposed to read is Psalm 40! Those were the exact words the...

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Watkins February 2020 Update

What would you do if tourists came into your church service and began taking photos of yourbuilding and service? Not only this, but their guide would be eloquently narrating to them thehistory of your church in hushed tones. And then they would walk out with awkward...

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Watkins January 2020 Update

This newsletter doesn’t begin with a clever title like “20/20 vision for 2020,” which I hope you appreciate, but we do hope you had a blessed Christmas with loved ones and that God warmed your hearts with renewed faith, hope, and love. We enjoyed a wonderful visit...

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Watkins December 2019 Update

An interesting thing happens after studying a language – in my case, Russian – for over 30 years. You can actually read it! I was surprised on our recent second trip to Tbilisi, Georgia that I was able to read a text in Old Church Slavonic which is like Gothic Middle...

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Watkins November 2019 Update

This month marks the 30th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and today marks the National Independence Day of Poland, but these times of remembrance deserve some explanation. You see, the Berlin Wall didn’t actually “fall.” The wall was torn down by those...

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A Message from Our President

"Throughout my experiences in traveling to other countries as a pastor, I have recognized a common trend that exists among various ministries and missionaries. This trend is one of potential opportunity to impact the nations, yet the necessary resources are not always available to seize these moments. In an effort to address this challenge, Global Impact Resources was established as a resource-gathering agent for missionaries and ministries." - Mike Williams

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