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Zach Hallow – October 2022 Update

It has been 1 month here in Kona and God has done and shown me so much. It's always my pleasure and honor to write and update you. Thank you for believing in me and the call God has on my life. I could not do what I do without your faithful giving each month. One of...

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Watkins October 2022

October 2022 Update I begin each day with a strong cup of coffee and Psalm 103 which reminds us not to forget any of God’s benefits, and yes, healing is one of those benefits. I have three devotional times per day, but not because I must “fill my tank” for my ministry...

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Zach Hallow September 2022 Update

Thank you so much for partnering with me month in and month out to see the good news about Jesus shared with the world. It truly is an honor to have you giving and I honor you and your giving! Earlier last month, I said a lot of goodbyes to friends, family, and...

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John Bell Sep 2022 Update

September 2022 NewsletterI am excited to be joining God on mission to reach the next generation of leaders for his kingdom. I desire to reach college, high school, and middle school students and encouraging community outreach. While equipping college students with the...

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Zach Hallow August 2022 Update

Listening is powerful. Students are going back to school and the first thing they want to do when they see me is TALK. They want to tell me all about their summer: about their home life, about their friends, or about the job they just got. They want to update me on...

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Eddie Evans Update – August 2022

Greetings dear friends! I hope you’re all doing well and having a great summer! This is the first summer that I have been here in the almost 18 years that I have lived in Ethiopia and I am really enjoying it. It was nice to feel a hint of fall early this morning on my...

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Watkins August 2022 Update

 ... But God I waited a few days after Ukraine’s August 24th Independence Day to compose this update because I didn’t know what would transpire. Would Putin pour out his wrath on this day in one major push to win? Would my friends survive? But Ukraine remains free...

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A Message from Our President

"Throughout my experiences in traveling to other countries as a pastor, I have recognized a common trend that exists among various ministries and missionaries. This trend is one of potential opportunity to impact the nations, yet the necessary resources are not always available to seize these moments. In an effort to address this challenge, Global Impact Resources was established as a resource-gathering agent for missionaries and ministries." - Mike Williams

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