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Watkins November 2021 Update

Before I begin our update, I want to brag a bit about my mom, Marie Moore, and I might have never pursued missions or even God without her influence in my life. Our family was able to come together for my mom’s 80th birthday last week, where we drove through the North...

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Eddie Evans September 2021 Update

UPDATE FROM EDDIE EVANS Greetings dear friends!       I hope you’re all doing well in Gods grace! Today is the Ethiopian New Year, 2014 (I drafted this during a flight on Saturday). Happy New Years to all of my Ethiopian friends and family! This email is a little...

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Watkins September 2021 Update

Like many of you, we were finally able to pull off a successful family vacation this summer after a difficult season that has affected us all. Additionally, as missionaries with adult daughters, we do not often find ourselves on the same continent! We were thankful to...

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Eddie Evans August 2021 Update

UPDATE FROM EDDIE EVANS Greetings dear friends!      I hope you’re all doing well in Gods grace! I and the work here are doing well by Gods grace. Below are a couple of exciting happenings!      We celebrated three baptisms on Sunday! What a joy to see people commit...

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Eddie Evans July 2021 Update

UPDATE FROM EDDIE EVANS Greetings dear friends! I hope this message finds each of you doing well in Gods grace! I and the work here are doing well by Gods grace. It’s the rainy season here...it has been a little colder here than usual and a lot of rain. Missing the NC...

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Our Fathers Work: July 2021 Update

I gave my life to Christ in June of 1982, just after finishing college (engineering). I saw the faith of others (Walt & Emma), and their close relationship with Jesus, and this touched my heart. It was beautiful and inspiring! I wanted to have this same...

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Zach Hallow July 2021 Update

Download NewsletterFilm Camp - Music Videos High School Boys - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9XyDvfhMUo Middle School Boys - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqMf_2Fcj7g Middle School Girls - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSNzShH3wQ0My First Sermon Sermon...

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Melanie Otarola July 2021 Update

  Meet Baby Kalel Nathan! His name means “Vessel of God" “Given by God” respectively. The birth was a wonderful memorable experience. My husband, Charlie, was able to catch Kalel and hand him to me. Unfortunately hours after we got home, Kalel started having...

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A Message from Our President

"Throughout my experiences in traveling to other countries as a pastor, I have recognized a common trend that exists among various ministries and missionaries. This trend is one of potential opportunity to impact the nations, yet the necessary resources are not always available to seize these moments. In an effort to address this challenge, Global Impact Resources was established as a resource-gathering agent for missionaries and ministries." - Mike Williams

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