John and Linda Bell

About Us

John and Linda Bell met in Greenville, NC, serving at Greenville Christian Fellowship Church. John had a radical transformation that ignited a passion to devote his life to full-time ministry. Having experienced the pull the world had on his life at a young age, he sees the importance in reaching this generation with the saving truth of the gospel and all that a life following Jesus has to offer. Linda was reached on the campus her sophomore year of college. After graduating college, she was called into full-time ministry and has been serving the campus faithfully for six years. During those six years she has witnessed the power of Jesus transforming lives on the college campus and in the nations. She has discipled countless college students through the faith and served on missions teams in 5 different nations. 


Now married, John and Linda have expanded their vision to reach the next generation. They will be serving as a bridge to middle, high school, and college students while doing community outreach to the low income parts of the city and onto the nations. 

Reach the Youth

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Reach the City into the Nations