When was the last time someone sat down with you over a cup of coffee and asked you about your goals… your calling… the things you’re dreaming about doing to make a difference in the world around you?

We’d love to be the friend that takes you out for a cup of coffee with a listening ear. We’d love to hear what your vision is for the future, what you’re dreaming about doing for the glory of God. We’d love to talk about how we might be able to help you make that happen.

We work hard to provide several important things for our missionaries:

  • Credibility – a stamp of legitimacy for your fundraising and ministry efforts
  • Accountability – you’ll someone to check in with who has your best interests at heart
  • Team Synergy – even with your unique mission, you’ll be part of a team for encouragement and direction.
  • Administration – You raise funds, we handle them for you. This includes receiving and processing contributions through check, draft, and online methods and sending tax receipts to your ministry partners.
  • Connectivity – Keep your partners up-to-date on your ministry, right here on the Global blog. And with our fabulous friends at DonorElf, you have easy access to an online portal to track your giving anytime, anywhere.
  • Partnership Training – We have a great two-day training program which will equip you to develop a prayer and financial partnership team.

Interested in Joining the Team?

Please download our application form and the pastoral/leader reference form and submit it to our office either via mail, fax, or email to Global Impact Resources.

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All GIR missionaries are either volunteer based or a part of the deputized fundraising program. The latter consists of developing a ministry partnership team of financial contributors to support your ministry assignment with us.