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Facing up to 76 years in prison, Allen Emerson was looking at serious time for a string of crimes driven by addictions to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. A generation before, his father had left without a trace, and the family tree seemed broken beyond repair. But from a federal prison cell in Springfield, Missouri, a single prayer would change the course of history for this broken family. Read the incredible true story of restoration and hope that has inspired thousands both inside and outside of prison. The Hearts of the Fathers will encourage your heart and demonstrate how a loving God relentlessly pursues his children.

Told from the perspective of Allen’s son, BJ Emerson shares how God orchestrated a unique series of events and used people to transform hearts and restore generations.

Send Hope to those Incarcerated

Be a part of sharing this incredible story with those who need it most. Financial contributions go directly toward distribution of books in prisons reaching those in need of restoration. The Hearts of the Fathers is distributed through The Prison Book Project which reaches over 2,700 prisons and ships over 250,000 books annually. The cost to print each book is about $2.50.


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Emerson Prison Ministry