Zach Hallow Outreach Ministry

Engaging the next generation with the gospel through 3 realms; Music, Sport, and Online Media.

About Me

Though I grew up in church and attended different youth ministries, the gospel never really clicked with me. In college, the gospel of Jesus changed my life forever. Immediately after graduating from college, I worked full-time at MrBeast YouTube channel for a year and a half.

I have transitioned out of that full-time job and now, God has called me into full-time ministry to reach young people with the gospel– right where they are at. Because I worked at one of the largest YouTube channels in the world (that caters their content towards 12-18 year olds) I was able to learn all about the next generation. I know how they are wired, what unique challenges they face, and what they are interested in.

What if we discipled the next generation through what they are passionate about?

3 Realms of Engagement


Why Online Media?
Almost every teenager wants to be some type of social media star or you-tuber. As someone who was a part of one of the biggest youtube channels in the world, I’ve seen, first-hand, the power of creation. I want to gather young people with the purpose of creating for God. It is the perfect place for genuine relationship and intentional discipleship to happen.


Why music?
Music is such a powerful tool that can be used for God’s purposes, or the world’s purposes. What if kids who were fire for God, got together and started making worship music that all of their peers listened to?


Why sports?
Sports locker rooms are one of the hardest places for a Christian to thrive. Imagine a whole team turning to Christ and sharing the love of God with their whole school?





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