Tristan’s March Newsletter

Hi friends and family,

What a crazy past 9 months it has been. God has never failed and he never will! Many of you have been following along on my journey following Jesus in their missions and training world and I can confidently say our God reigns. We are seeing God pour out His Spirit all over the world in unprecedented ways and a generation getting activated into a gospel centered worldview. It has been such an honor to be part of what God is doing in the YWAM world, discipling, training and sending missionaries and empowering/activating my generation. I have spent nights weeping in prayer believing for a real move of God. And I believe we are on the forefront of real revival on earth. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my ministry with YWAM and for all your support and prayers.

2023 Fire & Fragrance Q4


Our discipleship training school has come to an end and this 9 month sprint of leading this school is  completed! I had the honor of leading about 280 students and 75 staff which turned into 37 outreach  teams sent all over the world. As a school, we asked God to fill us with His love that spreads like a  wildfire and consume us with His presence that transforms atmospheres everywhere we stepped  foot. We said yes to Jesus’ command in Mark 16 to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all  creation. We saw God move in power. I’m so proud of every act of obedience and sacrifice each  person said yes to. God marked many people to give their lives to missions in this school and  countless people came up to me and said that this school changed their lives forever. Not to  mention all the nations, universities, churches, prisons, unreached peoples, distant villages, miracles,  healings, salvations, crazy stories we got to be a part of. God is a faithful God.

One of my favorite moments on my pastoral visits to our missions teams was doing prison ministry to
all these men “deprived of liberty” in the Philippines. Many of these men gave their lives to Jesus and
were filled with the Holy Spirit as we shared testimony and the Gospel and prayed together with them.

The Send

In February, YWAM hosted another Send gathering at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Many ministries and churches came together at this arena to respond to the call of nearly half the world having no access to the Gospel and mobilize a generation to real mission fields. In 6 stadium gatherings starting from 2018 to now there has been 119,190 missional commitments to reach universities, high schools, the nations, vulnerable children and local communities. I was able to attend and be a part of this gathering. God is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering.

What’s Next?

Hannah and I have been dating 6 months strong! I’m
excited for what God has in store for us :))))

God has made it clear to me that I am called to shepherd and mobilize my generation to follow Jesus and say yes to the Great Commission. I am believing for a real men’s movement in the missions world and to partner with God’s heart to father a fatherless generation.

Please pray for me, as this summer I have been invited to a men’s internship in Kona to discover what biblical masculinity looks like and to learn what it means to be good husband and father. I’ve had a sense in my heart that God is going to teach me more foundational things as I step into engagement soon. I believe this internship is an answer to prayer and I’m excited to grow and learn more so that I can be equipped to lead others.

Partner with Me

Help me mobilize a generation!

All YWAM missionaries raise support from friends, families, and churches in order to serve with the mission. I
am in need of monthly financial partnership to continue full time in my ministry with YWAM. Please pray and consider partnership with me in the kingdom!

Ways you can partner with me:

1. Prayer: Pray that God would empower me and give me the grace and courage to remain steadfast as I step into
the more that God has. Believe with me for a men’s movement in my generation. Men who would take
responsibility and lay down their lives for Jesus. Pray for provision!

2. Give: Donate online monthly or one-time

Give online instructions-

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Missions Giving Link: (Code fund number 190)

Give Mail instructions-

For giving via check you can make the check out as follows and put the code fund number “190” in the memo line:
GIR (or Global Impact Resources)
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3. Share: Follow my journey and share the stories of what God is doing with friends and family. Together, we can
bring the hope of Jesus to the world!

Tristan Buscemi