I gave my life to Christ in June of 1982, just after finishing college (engineering). I saw the faith of others (Walt & Emma), and their close relationship with Jesus, and this touched my heart. It was beautiful and inspiring! I wanted to have this same relationship with God as they had. I asked God if “we” could have this type of close relationship, and I was forgiven and saved from the penalty of my sin. I returned to CT, and God brought a mentor into my life (Omelio) to teach me, and show what a Godly man looks like. I am eternally grateful to this man, and the Christians I met in CT. I joined a Christian prison ministry, and like a baby, drank up the milk from the Holy Spirit, and grew and grew. Humble service, with Godly people, is the best way to grow.

Throughout the years, God allowed me to be a part of different ministries, and witness many miracles. My passion was mainly for teaching Bible Studies. I love to study, research, and teach others about the wonderful things of God! I love to read His Word. To study. Then to share with others.