October 2015 Update

While I write this we are almost halfway through our ministry trip to Kraków, Poland. Our schedule has been full of preaching, teaching, equipping, and encouraging, and in all this God continues to show us new possibilities and a new generation that will take the lead.

The last time we actually ministered in Kraków was about 15 years ago, and now that we are back we can attest to unexpected changes. We have changed, and they have changed. Like Tolkien’s small heroes, Hobbits, the journey has forged new fellowships and renewed faith for what is possible with our God.

These are no longer “former communist countries”. Their identity is no longer found in what they came out of, but in what they are becoming. In the same way, many present barriers to the gospel advancing will also be called “former” one day and then fade from our vocabulary. Old dragons have been slain, new ones await, but God’s command to go is unconditional and irrevocable. We and others are eyewitnesses to how God can plow the nations and is still doing so.

One of the most significant things so far on this trip is student ministry. Pastor Przemek and his team have been tenacious in finding open doors to the next generation on the university campus, and just recently God has brought them new momentum through new local leaders, strategies, and a fruitful trip from Every Nation’s Ten Days Ministries.

New people have been saved, and the team is in the middle of follow up. We had the privilege of ministering at the student group last week, and in a few days our campus leaders from Lviv, Ukraine will visit for a time of encouragement and planning for future regional projects together.

We appreciate your making this possible, and we ask you to pray that we can effectively raise up local and regional leaders for the many open doors we have, such as new works in Poland and Romania.

God bless,

Mike and Myra

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1. Increase in financial partners
2. Safety while traveling
3. More campus ministers for Europe
4. Peace and prosperity for Ukraine



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