June 2016 Update –

I was on a call yesterday with team leaders throughout Europe, and one topic of discussion was what motivates us to go outside of our comfort zones. In the Bible and also in life we are either driven from where we are by discomfort and crisis, or we are attracted to something of a greater value such that we are inspired to move.

An absurd image came to mind of a baby sitting stubbornly in one place while reaching his hand out for the thing he wants which is only inches away. The baby says, “whah!” signifying that it is actually upset that the parent doesn’t walk over and hand the item to the stubborn child. But the wise parent knows that the baby needs a lesson and makes him wait until he wants it enough to move.


The church sometimes acts the same way. In order to reach the world, we need to actually visit the world once in a while. We basically need to move, and the doctrinal word that sums this up is, “Go!”

As I type this update that is what we are planning to do. Tomorrow, Wednesday June 15th, I leave for Cluj, Romania where our international team of about sixteen goers will be reaching the unreached. This trip has been exactly one year in the making, and we will be pouring our lives into people – mostly young people – who know little or nothing of Jesus and the Gospel.

Even though we are often motivated by pressure to go, Jesus was only motivated by love to reach – to seek and save – those who are lost. Let me close with some simple theology, the first verse we may have learned in Sunday School:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” ~John 3:16


Fiindcă atât de mult a iubit Dumnezeu lumea, că a dat pe singurul Lui Fiu, pentru ca oricine crede în El să nu piară, ci să aibă viaţa veşnică.  ~Ioan 3:16 ( Romanian )

Thanks for standing with us in this strategic trip as well as in our move to Poland in September. For this trip, please pray for fruit that remains, disciples!

God bless,

Mike and Myra



1. We would reach many in Romania with the gospel 2. Safety for our team while traveling 3. New financial partners for our move to Poland 4. Grace as we prepare for our move to Krakow 5. Future Moscow, Russia and Albania missions 6. Peace for Ukraine

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