Dear friends, we are in the middle of a three-week ministry trip in Ukraine that began in Lviv, continued in Ternopil, and we are now in Kiev meeting some very special friends. We will head back to Krakow in a week to prepare for our Go Europe conference in May where leaders from all over Europe and a few other countries will converge to be encouraged and equipped for the work ahead.
While in Ternopil, Myra and I taught for two days on missions in their Bible college and were excited to see leaders eager to learn and apply what we taught. The churches here suffer from financial crisis and migration losses because of the war in the east, but that has not stopped them from growing. In fact, many from our churches here who have moved to other European countries have already started small groups, and there is a new Slavic church in Spain that we hope to visit in a few months.
I also had the chance to minister in the Ternopil church’s substance abuse rehab center, and it is one of the most fruitful and exciting ministries I have ever seen that addresses a felt social need with the gospel. Please watch the short video I put together about this. Pardon the quality, but I was the producer and translator, and thanks again to Pastor Igor in Lviv for helping me do this last-minute. Also, please let me know if God puts on your heart to bless this important ministry.
We finish up our trip with preaching in Lviv Easter Sunday and then leading evangelistic training that afternoon. After the training, everyone will go out and share the Gospel, because that is what the first church proclaimed on that amazing day: He is Risen! Христос воскрес! Воістину воскрес!

Thanks for standing with us, and may God bless you and your loved ones with resurrection joy.

Mike and Myra



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