I recently used the example of speed bumps in a message and illustrated their wisdom andhumor. There is usually a sign that says, “slow down, speed bump ahead,” with another signpointing down to the florescent speed bump. Nevertheless, the scrapes on the road indicatethat cars hit the bumps at full speed, to the surprise of the airborne passengers.

     I figuratively hit my own speed bump several months ago when we discovered through aroutine physical exam and tests that I have early-stage prostate cancer. Although this hasaffected our summer plans to be in Europe, my doctor sees no reason to delay our goal tomove to Prague by January 2023, and I also have a trip planned for this fall. The good news isthat my outlook is excellent with minimal treatment. Nevertheless, this has been a humblingand sobering experience, and we are thankful for the prayers and support of many as wecontinue on our journey. What is the moral of the speed bump example? Get a checkup! 

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