Greetings to you from Lviv, Ukraine!

The summer is coming and we expect God to do great things among the young people!

This summer these people will have an opportunity to share their faith with other young people through 3 different projects
In the video above you can see our youth ministry team, who came to the church through our outreach (Fusion) ministry. They are the fruit of a past few years’ outreaches. Now they are getting ready for the three major summer outreaches and we invite you to have a part in their fruit. There is even a chance you received a similar email from one of them.

1. The first camp is actually a mission trip.
I am especially proud of our young team going beyond the borders of Ukraine to help Trojka, a church in the Czech Republic, with a summer camp. They will be sharing their experience and faith with teenagers there.

To send this team of 7 young people we need $2100

2. Our church outreach youth music camp (Fusion) – we are doing fusion outreach project throughout the year by teaching the music and sharing our faith.

This camp is the culmination of the year where the Gospel will be presented in a clear and creative way and we will challenge them to follow Christ.

We are looking for scholarships for 7 young leaders and 10 campers to cover their camp fees (for those who can’t come because of the family’s financial situation) and need the additional $1900.

3. Outreach rafting camp – a week where believers and non-believers spend their time together while traveling down the river and camping at new spots each night.  

A lot of spiritual conversations and testimony sharing is happening during this camp.

We still need $700 – a scholarship for 12 teenagers.

We are aiming to raise $4,700 in total, and I invite you to contribute.

We need your help, big or small!

Thank you!


To learn more about Igor and how you can support his missionary work financially, please visit How To Give.