I’ve had over the semester to work with a small group of college students to relaunch the prayer nights for ENC. The prayer nights before were held once a month and the staff thought it would be a good fit for me because of my background serving at another prayer house, the Boiler Room. It has been amazing to see students grow deeper in their relationship with God over the course of the semester.

We made leadership teams of three students who were a part of the prayer nights last year and they expressed to me the goals that they had this semester. I told them that my vision for prayer would be intentionality over quantity; that I wanted students to be focused during the prayer time and committed to seeing God move on the campus through prayer.

We began the prayer nights every Wednesdays at 9pm and we realized that people would want to stay until 11:30pm, almost midnight some weeks. We centered the prayer night into a night where the students can take a break to spend time with God. We began with their personal prayer time for half an hour so they can get focused, read their bible, meditate, pray, and hear the voice of God. Then we would move into a corporate prayer time.

The corporate prayer time was a time where people would discuss what they heard, saw, or the revelations they had from God. We wanted the personal prayer time to show how God could speak the same thing to multiple people in varying ways which would eventually reveal our prayer focus for the night. Then I would see students circle in prayer and lift the campus in prayer, praying over the students and praying over each other.

Over the past semester I have seen students changed by the prayer night. We have seen the prayer nights grown from five people to sometimes twenty people coming on a weekly basis. They are dedicated to the prayer night and have made it an intentional part of their lives which has been encouraging for me to see them fall deeper in their relationship with God. They have grown deeper in their relationship with God through prayer and have a better knowledge of why it is important to spend time in the word. Students have even told me that their life will never be the same since they have started coming to the prayer nights. They are learning how to hear the voice of God clearly which will help them through the rest of their lives.

Thank you so much for making this all possible! With your donations, you are not only helping to change lives not only in Greenville, but across Eastern North Carolina.


Lauren Falls


“Wednesday Nights and Sunday prayer nights have been a blessing to me all throughout the week. I look forward to these meetings and sitting in God’s presence with a bunch of my peers . God has opened my eyes and I’ve seen many breakthroughs in my life because of these meetings.” – Danielle Moxley

“Prayer Nights have helped me to go deeper in my relationship with God and in developing the spiritual gifts He has given me. I’ve been so encouraged by seeing things we have prayed for come to completion, and be a part of praying for others. These intentional prayer times have laid the groundwork for so many things, for God to move and reveal His faithfulness.” – Elizabeth Asawacharoenkun

“I was looking for so much more in my walk with God when the semester started and I knew that God had so much more for me. I began to experience that “more” when we started the prayer team. I hear God’s voice clearer than ever now. I have faith and zeal like I’ve never had before in my walk with Christ. I’ve grown immensely as a part of the prayer team and I look forward to leading others into their “more” with Christ as well!” – Ben Boyd

“As the semester began, I was excited to see how God would move and reveal Himself to me and ENC. I feel like God completely overwhelmed my expectations for the prayer nights. Through the prayer nights, I could hear the voice of the Lord and I grew in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” – Harper Grace Shore

“The tangible presence of God is in the prayer room.” – Zach Hallow

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