The Gate of Bold Love

By Brandt Overman

This week YWAM kicked off its first week of Discipleship Training School(DTS). As a YWAM staff member and a student in the LEAD online program, my schedule has become full and quite busy. However, I wanted to take a minute to catch up with all of you.

My staff training started in the middle of August and went well. Currently, in our society, people can become suspicious of people who show them acts of kindness. To counteract that we decided our training’ theme would be
‘boldly love’, It was awesome to experience our “boldly loves” with the strangers around my area.

We started by waiting on the Holy Spirit to guide us to a specific place He wanted us to go to meet people. I know it seems strange to some of you, but it was fun because we wanted to experience what Jesus experienced as He showed love to others. Everyone has the choice to either accept the love or deny it. I did have a few conversations with strangers who asked me and my team why we did that. I was confident to explain that I was doing this because I wanted to show my love to people no matter what. I know this is not normal for someone to be given free water or free doughnuts from a stranger. And, of course, we expected some people would reject our offers, but that’s okay.

My most favorite thing we did as a team was to go to the National Harbor, which is right next to D.C’s border. I approached a few people with two deep questions: What is your greatest fear? and, What is your greatest joy? It is funny how they did not have to think hard about it. I am good at observing people and I was able to make good connections with people immediately.

In one instance, I saw a middle-aged guy who wore a Chicago Bull’s hat. I mentioned to him that Michael Jordan played for my favorite college team (UNC). Because this opened the door of commonality, I was able to have a good conversation with this man and his sister about fear and joy. I also shared my fears and joy including Jesus.

Double Duties

I am working with YWAM, and a student in my LEAD online program. My responsibilities here at YWAM: lead the worship one day, lead a small group, be there for the students in their
class, clean the dishes after dinner, make lunch for my team once a week, create a monthly newsletter, run errands, and be involved in local outreach, attend Gallaudet’s Bison Christian Fellowship, AND my homework for my online program. This is a challenge for me. I would like to take on more responsibilities but I realize I just need to keep balance with my schedule.

One thing God taught me this week is that the busyness is challenging me to be a leader and be an example of a godly man in the community. Being able to organize, plan and think through the week has made me more
stable even though it is just the first week of DTS!

Connection with a Nation

My staff team is expanding from four adults and two kids to seven adults and four kids. A family of four came from Romania who led my DTS team. Also one female staff, originally from Colorado has joined us. I enjoyed working with themand developing an awesome connection with them.

We did a few different activities to get to know each other well, like walking a 5k with one deaf church group from Arlington, VA.

Prayers Needed

  • Plans after YWAM
  • More future opportunities
  • Financial Supporters
  • DTS students andstaff to survive through this year 🙂
  • Time management for this season

How can you support me?

I will be relying on family, friends, and others to assist supporting me financially to cover my monthly seminary educational fees and living expenses. Would you prayerfully consider being one of my financial partners? If you are interested in supporting the journey God has lead me to, you may do so in one of two ways:

1. For Tax Deductible donations go to this website, read my bio and follow the instructions to set up an account to donate:

2. For Non-Tax Deductible donations you may send a personal check directly to me. Please contact me for my address via email: or you can text me at 336.687.6661, or message me via Facebook.

I am so grateful for your prayers and support and to have a great team surrounding me in what God is calling me to do! Please continue to pray for me.