Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

2 Tim 2:15

Hello Friend,

It’s uncomfortable, but an effective way to meet students; I sit on the campus lawn with a chalkboard stating “Bible Studies” or “Need Prayer?” When I feel super awkward and out of place I have started to recognize it’s just before God does something significant. The first day I sat on the lawn with my “Need Prayer?” sign a professor passed by and said, “You should tell your students to study rather than pray.” I thought “God, why am I here?” Then one young student, Imani, came with more on her mind than just exams. She just found out she was pregnant and she was desperate, afraid of telling anyone, especially her boyfriend, and of the decisions she would have to make in the future. There on the lawn with people rushing by to get to class I encouraged Imani, prayed with her and gave her resources to a local pregnancy care center which offered free ultrasounds. The day continued with about 60 students coming up for prayer and many students staying around and praying for each other. The initial discomfort vanished in light of the need. Let us be willing to be uncomfortable for the One who became uncomfortable for us. I believe that He will use it to show His love to the lost, desperate, and even the unborn.

As you may know, I make a long drive to the campus I am serving. I have been looking for a place to live closer to campus. I reached out to a small church by campus for connections. The local pastor, Esau, was so excited to have a missionary focused on reaching college students that he is offering me a place to host groups on Thursdays! His place is directly across from the international students building on campus. He needs the okay from one more pastor for me to use the room; however, Pastor Esau has assured me that I have a place to park with them!!! I don’t have a place to live in Santa Monica yet, but I have a place to park! This means the world to me as there are 10’s of thousands of students fighting for hundreds of parking meters where you can only park for 2-4 hours. I am learning sometimes God provides what we need not always what we ask.

Over the summer, my financial support increased $750 in monthly giving which is just shy of my $1,000 goal. Thank you for your help and partnership with my work! Together let’s bring the gospel to this unreached campus. Blessings!


– Imani and her baby

– Becoming a recognized student organization

– A faculty advisor for the club




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