For My New Friend

Last week I mentioned in Praise/Prayer requests that I had met a fella on my way to Ships one morning. He happened to be from North Carolina and after high-fiving over our home state, he let me pray for him. He then told me about getting out of the hospital and having staph infection in his leg, which is very common here. He also gave me the chance to pray for healing for him as well and was very open to prayer and Jesus.

This morning, I got to see him again on my way to Ships and asked him how his leg was doing. He said that although he is on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics it seems that the infection is not getting better. He said the Docs are afraid that it is turning into MRSA and if this happens they will consider amputation. He let me pray for him again and again I prayed for healing.

I am requesting that you would take time this next week to pray for my friend. He is probably in his 60’s and relies heavily on his legs to survive and get what he needs every day. Please pray for complete healing as there is still quite a bit of inflammation, pain and redness. Pray for complete healing so that He can see the Amazing love of Jesus in a new way in his life. Also if you get any words of knowledge or bible verses for him, or even words of encouragement- I would love to give those to him. Also, if you would like to even gift him some quarters so he can do laundry, I am sure he would feel super loved by it.

Thanks so much family!!!! Y’all are amazing 🙂