Greeting Friend!
“Can I go to church with you even though I am not a Christian?” Chen’s question was sweet and honest. She is still a teen and it is her first time outside of her home country. She had applied for a visa three times in order to study in the states and each time was denied. In January, her mom started attending a Christian church where she asked for prayer so her daughter could study in the states. Chen tried a fourth time and got the visa with no hassle. Once she arrived she was curious about the God who answered her mom’s prayers so she prayed “God, can you help me meet people from a church.” The next day we met her on campus. She desperately wants to be a part of Bible Studies and church but is apprehensive as she is not a believer. God’s faithfulness to Chen and plan for her is evident. We’ve already met countless times talking about creation, original sin and God becoming man in Jesus. I have yet to explain the gospel in its entirety and am praying that she will readily understand grace without works and come into relationship with Jesus.

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