In many ways, we are still in a phase of transition with our The Boiler Room relaunching as the East Carolina Prayer Furnace, some of our staff transitioning to new cities/assignments, and a new partnership with Collide campus ministry. Thank you for your prayers during this unique time!

I know this update is a little long, but I want to make sure you are aware of what we are up to, especially with all the transitions taking place. I do want to encourage you to watch the two videos I linked below. One is testimonies of our local ministry (East Carolina Prayer Furnace) and one is from our global family (Burn 24-7). Both will encourage you and stir your heart for all God is doing!

Thank you so much for your support! We love you!


East Carolina Prayer Furnace

Click below to watch the awesome testimonial/promo video for the East Carolina Prayer Furnace!!


At the end of July we attended the 10-Year Anniversary Burn 24-7 Summit in Virginia Beach with a few hundred leaders from about 20 nations! I am more aware than ever that day & night worship & prayer is exploding, leading to amazing expressions of outreach and missions. I am honored to serve as the Southeast US Regional Director for the movement. At the summit I was able to help co-host a breakout session for new Burn directors from around the world (see the top photo below) and strategize with global/regional leaders about the future of Burn 24-7 for the next 10 years!


Check out the Burn 24-7 testimonies video below…


Be sure to check out the recent statement I made about the local church that also includes an update on our family’s local church involvement.

*** Current Ministry Projects ***

  • Developing a new BURN Greenville team to continue the 2nd FridayBurns
  • Hosting weekly worship & prayer sets and the weekly Bible teaching at the Prayer Furnace. I lead worship 2-3 sets weekly and teach every other week.
  • Moving the sound equipment from the Boiler Room into Collide’s building and integrating our sound systems
  • Sorting through the stuff we had accumulated at the Boiler Room that is currently in storage
  • Expanding our partnership team by meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends to share the vision of the Prayer Furnace and Burn 24-7
  • Special events (see below)

*** Upcoming Events ***

  • September 2-3 Charlotte, NCAzusa East Launch & visits with ministry partners in that area
  • September 23-24 Falcon, NC – Southeast Regional Burn Summit with Sean Feucht & Lou Engle in partnership with The Drop
  • October 7-12 Northfield, MA – The Carolina Jesus Tent is heading north for five days of 24-7 worship, prayer and outreach on historic Northfield campus. The Lilley family is going to help!
  • December 30-31 Dunn, NC – Partnering with Abner Suarez & Michael Thornton to host Phenomenon: AzusaEast conference on the 110th anniversary of the launch of the historic revival in eastern North Carolina. I will be leading worship.


*** Prayer Points ***


  • For our partnership team to grow stronger relationally and expand with new friends. That people would see and understand the importance of our worship & prayer ministry.
  • For leaders to unite together & a new team to emerge to help steward the 2nd Friday Burns in Greenville
  • Peace, joy and wisdom for this new season.


*** Family Update ***


It’s that time of year! We are continuing to homeschool the kids, but this year they are also participating in a homeschool co-op where they attend group classes with other homeschoolers. Shiloh is entering first grade, Ariel is entering kindergarten and Zion is in preschool.


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