Dear friends, We had unusually warm and sunny spring in Ukraine. It almost felt like our normal summer. It was full of spiritual planting and cultivating the soil in the lives of people.
I will mention some of the ministry highlights form the past three months. We continue our regular mission trips to the region of Carpathian mountains.
I took this panoramic picture as I was riding on a dirt road in the village Nyzhnie Vysotske.
On the picture to the left, Vasyl and I are packing the trailer with the groceries, clothes, and other things, like bunk bed and vacuum cleaner.
This time we delivered some shew boxed that we got from Samaritans Purse. We made the children in the village very happy!
Elina knows how to build relationships with people of any age!
This picture was taken at one of the homes at Nyzhnie Vysotske where we do the Bible study.
We planned to send Borys and Nadya (Elina’s parents) to stay at our mission cab-in for a month to do some work on the cabin and to minister to the locals. But Borys fell and had open fracture of both bones in his leg just below the knee. He had to have a surgery. We just brought him from the hospital. Please pray for his supernatural recovery.
Our Fusion youth helped another church in Lviv to start their own Fusion program. For that purpose we did four concerts at public schools. (Picture above)
I love to see the multiplication of leaders. That is what the pictures above is all about.

We started Fusion outreach program four years ago with a core team of five people. During that time they replaced themselves with a new generation of leaders.

The most amazing thing is they did not find them among the church members. They found them out there, led them to Christ, discipled, equipped and empowered to do the same.

The pictures above tell the story how the second generation of young leaders makes room for the third generation. They invited young but faithful believers to participate at Summer Camp planning and preparation. Serving at the camp will give them a taste of leadership and will increase the rate of their growth.


  1. Sophia’s healing from arthritis
  2. Borys’ healing of broken bones
  3. Upcoming summer camps. We are planning four summer camps.
    • Fusion camp is co-led by the team that is made of those who are making their first steps in leadership and of those who joined the team in September of 2017. They need strength and wisdom
    • Pray for the salvations at the camps as the Gospel will be preached many times.
    • Pray for the safety, especially at two rafting camps (august), where we will be floating on a river with the bunch of teens for two weeks with the stops to pitch our tents every night.
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