Dear friends,

The summer is almost over and so are most of our camps. Thank you for praying for our summer projects and for supporting them financially.

I will share about some good fruit from them in a minute but first about Baptism.
This is Monica on the picture. She comes from Eastern Ukraine (territory currently occupied by Russia). Her life was not easy, Monica lost her parents as a child. But God was watching over her and Monica finally gave her life to Christ.

Our first summer project was Weekend Kids Club. It is similar to VBS (Happy Holidays) but spread over a month on Saturdays. We are thankful for the opportunity to sow the Word of God into the hearts of the little ones through fun games, crafts and English lessons.

Another opportunity to invest into the lives of the little ones was our annual Kids Camp at the cabin in Carpathian Mountains.

We were especially happy to be able to have several unchurched kids. They were locals from mountain towns where we have been serving the poor. Their parents learned to trust us and sent their kids to our camp.

Fusion Camp is our most effective tool in reaching the Teens with the Gospel and it always produces many lives changes.

Whether its a conversion or decision to become serious with God – it is always a privilege to participate in it with God.

Last Sunday was the Sunday after we came from Fusion Camp. We invited the Campers to Church to sing a few songs during the Worship Service. The Gospel was presented again.

As you see on the picture below, people had to stand on the back because it was so full. And this was in the middle of Summer when half of the regular church members were gone on vacations!

I was happy to see some of the teens not only enter a church for the first time but also brought their parents.

• Pray for our church teenagers as they are following up with the campers• Pray for our church teenagers as they are following up with the campers

• There rafting camps are still ahead. Pray for the safety and for the Gospel opportunities during that time

If you are not currently supporting our ministry, please consider sending a gift. We do need your support! It can be as easy as PayPaling few dollars to or donating it through Global Impact Resources online or send them a check:
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