Dear friends, I trust you are doing well. I am excited to report some of our life and ministry updates:

The biggest happy news in my family – Sophia is getting married on June 27th! Cannot believe how fast the time flies! Elina and I are excited for her! The biggest prayer request is also related to Sophia. She is being treated for arthritis by a drug that will show results in about seven months. Please continue praying for her health.

FUSION (Reaching 14-17  year olds)
We just celebrated Fusion’s 1-st year anniversary! So grateful for the teens that heard the Gospel through this ministry and especially for those who became Disciples of Jesus! I am also grateful for our students and high-schoolers who had to grow in the Lord fast in order to disciple their peers whom they reached.

NAVYVORIT (Our Student Ministry)
About a year ago we started a student ministry. Before that, we had everyone in one group of ages 13-25. Now we celebrate some great fruit of that God-led move. We see new disciples being led by other students. For the past few months they grew from house meetings to a meeting in a Cafe in downtown. They also grew in leadership. One of the team leaders, Arthur, has recognized God’s calling to ministry on his life (we see it also) and was appointed as a team leader. I believe Arthur will become a pastor of a church we will plant in future. Please pray for Arthur, as he is making his first steps in ministry.

As a result of improving our disciple-making process and implementing a new leadership pipeline, we have extra baptisms. Inspired by the last few Leadership Summits, I have developed a new First Steps Class that ended with the Baptismal Service.

We couldn’t do any of this without you.
Thank you for standing with us!

With love,
Igor, Elina, Sophia and Solomia

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