Greetings from Lviv, Ukraine,
I trust you are doing well. 
Our fall has been so busy that I got around to writing about the summer only now.
Here is a PDF version of the newsletter (nicer and printable).


My phone rang close to midnight. On the other end was Sofia’s excited voice: My mother changed her mind and said I can be baptized tomorrow! She even asked me to make sure and record it on video!

Sofia was determined to get baptized anyway, but she was sad about the thought that her obedience to Christ will draw a wedge between her and the closest person on the Earth.

Just three hours earlier I finished teaching the baptism class. As the candidates were leaving my house, Sofia asked to pray for her mother to change the mind. To finally allow her daughter to attend the church was big enough step. But to allow her to be baptized was unthinkable.  Sofia cried as we prayed for the change of her mom’s heart as the answer seemed so improbable then. But God…

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Fusion Camp

Total number 63 people.
30 of them were unbelievers who heard the Gospel, 1
3 of them gave their lives to Jesus,
6 of them joined group or 1 on 1 discipleship,
5 of them started attending the church.

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Children Camp

The total number 15 kids.
10 of them unchurched, whom we introduced to the Gospel and Bible stories.

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Fusion – the start of the fall semester.

The core leadership team has worked itself out of job. Seven new members joined the leadership team. They have been helping and volunteered with various responsibilities. But now they are an official part of the team. I am proud of Nadya, Tanya and Elina, who raised this new generation of leaders!

Varenyky (pierogies) festival

It has become our annual tradition to make varenyky from scratch, cook on the fire and eat them on open air. What an opportunity to introduce friends and relatives to the church!

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Rafting camps

We did two camps back. The total number of people 52.
17 were unbelievers, 3 started coming to our youth program.

Rafting camps were not primarily aimed at unbelievers but for the strengthening of relationships between Christians. Never the less, unbelievers voluntarily attended our morning devotions and watched us worship.

At the last day Nadia, who did not consider herself to be a religious person, said, “I am 57, and all my life I have been watching this world hopelessly getting worse and worse. After being with you for a week, I felt a hope for this world for the first time in my life” Her words were one of the biggest rewards for all my work of ministry!

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In Christ,

Igor and Elina