Greetings dear friends! 
I hope you’re all doing well in Gods grace!
We are excited about five of our youth’s recent graduations from university! It is exciting to see them finish this chapter and to see them begin the next chapter of their lives. Jobs opportunities are limited here so please pray that they will soon find gainful employment.  
Sofi, one our youth  just received his MD from medical school. I remember some years ago sitting in a lunch meeting with one of our partner organizations when one of their team members asked me if we had an outstanding young developing leader whose education they could invest in. Sofi immediately came to my mind. I was asked what his career dream was and I shared that he wanted to be a medical doctor and they committed to sponsor his education. As he graduated this past weekend I was thinking about how a persons question and willing heart changed the course of a young mans destiny. 
Thanks to all of you who have invested in the educational development of so many young people here in Ethiopia. Lives and destinies are being changed and fulfilled!
I also want to also share about Eman, another one of our youth who committed his life to Christ in our church some years. Eman has an amazing heart for God and is fully committed to serving Him and His purposes. He came to me recently and shared that he wanted to purchase a motor bike to make deliveries to support himself while allowing the flexibility to pursue a diploma in biblical studies and to serve in the church. $2000 will cover the cost of a new motor bike as well as the tuition for his school and some miscellaneous expenses. 
I want to ask if you will consider making a contribution to meet this $2000 goal to help Eman pursue his destiny and purpose in life. Any contributions that come in above the $2000 will go towards our general education fund. 
Thanks for partnering with us in empowering the next generation in Ethiopia! 
Love and blessings!!
If you you would like to make a contribution towards these educational initiatives please visit us at https://www.globalimpactresources.org/
 and designate, “Ethiopian missions.”