I hope you’re all doing well in this time that we are all currently passing through.
I want to get straight to the point…we urgently need your prayers and financial help at this time.
For the safety of our students and staff our school in Wonji is closed until the government allows us to reopen. Due to severe community wide financial limitations our students normally pay their school fees on a monthly basis.  Due to financial and other current restrictions in the Wonji area they are not paying their school fees in this time. We still need to pay our teachers salaries and without the students fees we simply don’t have the resources to make these payments.
We have sixty staff members and we currently owe $2000 towards Marches salaries and we will owe $5000 at the end of this month for April’s salaries.
Will you please pray for us in this time and consider making a financial contribution to help us in these challenging times?
If you are willing to partner with us financially at this time, please visit us at and designate the “Friends of WSE” account. You can make a one time contribution or you can join our “Friends of WSE School” monthly partner initiative. Please send me an email if you’re making a contribution so that I can be on the lookout.
Any contributions that exceed this $7000 mark will go towards May’s salaries.
This school has impacted many lives over the past years and I’m confident that we will impact many more in the future. Thanks for your partnerships for the past 15 years.
Thanks from all of us and may the blessing of the Lord be with each of you!
Eddie Evans


Greetings dear friends!

Grace and peace to each of you!  I hope you’re all doing well in this time that we are in.

I want to thank you again for your recent generosity concerning our partner school in Wonji Shoa. Through your generous financial contributions we raised $8750 to help cover the costs of teachers salaries in this trying time. We are extremely thankful for your faithful partnerships. Your generosity ensured that our teachers would be able to provide food and cover living expenses for their families in this challenging time.

Due to limited internet access for most of our students in Wonji we are not able to provided educational services online. To continue serving our students in this time we are now initiating a program to provide home based study using copied handouts.  Based on current government restrictions and the limited services that we can provide our students in this time we will only be charging 50% of our normal tuition rates. The funding that you provided helped offset our teachers salaries for April and covered them fully in May. The remaining balance in addition to the decreased tuition we will begin charging will help cover their salaries in June and July.

I also want to thank each of you who ordered coffee from us during the month of April. Your purchases enabled us to provide a months supply of food and sanitation supplies for eleven families from our school. To continue to serve our families in Wonji in this time we have decided to continue this initiative through the month of May. If you would like to enjoy premier Ethiopian coffee and partner with us in providing food and sanitation supplies to vulnerable families in this time, please visit us at  $4 per bag will go toward this initiative and shipping is free for 2-5 bags.

 Lastly, if you would like to partner with us through our, “Friends of WSE School initiative, please visit us at and designate, “Friends of WSE School.” Five dollars per month will help offset the education of one our students.

 Again, we want to extend our deepest thanks. We are thankful for your faithful partnerships for the past 15 plus years.  May God bless each of you richly. May His blessings be upon your lives, your marriages, your families, your ministries, your finances, and your health! We thank God for each of you and love you all!! 

 In partnership,