September – December 2017 Updates

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We trust you had a good Christmas! This is an update on September-Decefamilyason. Our family is doing fine, except for Sophia’s arthritis. Please continue praying for a miracle of healing for her! Among major ministry events are: Mission trips to Carpathian Mountains, Campus Outreach, and High School Outreach. Mission trips to Carpathian Mountains We made three trips to Carpathians in the past three months. Our goal was to bring some practical...

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January 2018 Update

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Leading Leaders At some moment in the middle of life, we should find ourselves both leading and following, and this is true in most any sphere, especially in the area of the mission of God. This is exciting for those who understand God’s mission generationally, but it can also be a terror of insecurity for those who believe leadership is a top-down, “through me and by me” approach. Time is always running out for the latter, but seeing the...

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Hello to a New Year!

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As I look back and reflect on 2017, I can only come to one conclusion: it was the MOST difficult year of my life. From nearly the moment the year began, there were difficult changes and painful transition and moments of wondering if I was on the right path. And each time it felt as if things were starting to come together, something else would come around the corner. These last few months of 2017 were especially difficult. For those of you who...

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – December 2017 Update

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Who knew that Dr. Seuss would whet the appetite of the next generation for missions with this famous title, and the seeming randomness of possibilities is surprising even for me as God sovereignly opens new doors. Such is the case for my recent ministry trip with pastor Oleh Savchak to Torrevieja, Spain where we ministered at the anniversary conference of a church started there three years ago. A Slavic church no less! As an American, I grew up...

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