January 2017 Update
Don’t worry, this isn’t the title of a poem, and I am not becoming the wind. If you have ever seen a movie from WW2 about aircraft carriers, then you will understand this expression. After steaming thousands of miles across the ocean when the planes were ready to launch on their crucial mission, the captain would turn the ship into the wind. This gave the planes extra airspeed for taking off from a very short runway.

We have completed our trip across the ocean, unpacked our bags and boxes, and we are now centrally located to reach multiple nations. We are turning into the wind. Please keep us in prayer as we enter this busy season which will include trips to Romania, Albania, Russia, and several trips to Ukraine. These will be topped off by our Every Nation Go Europe conference in May which will be here in Krakow, Poland.

On the home front, we enjoyed one of our best Christmases ever as Abigail and Rebecca joined us from the US and we were able to visit their hometown, Lviv, in Ukraine. This is the first time we have made an international move away from our daughters, so family continuity is a challenge. However, we are thankful for God’s grace and provision and are also thankful that our daughters are enthusiastic about what we are doing.

We thank all of you who continue to fuel our ship for this voyage. The mission of God could not take place without God’s people.


Mike and Myra





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