Hi! My name is Jenn and I am a missionary.

Most, if not all of you, already know this much. One of the most recent questions I have been getting is what exactly I do. I would love to answer this question. Basically, I would like to share the big picture to all the small pictures from the last few months.

I am part of an organization called Youth With A Mission, or YWAM as it is commonly referred as. Since it’s foundation in 1960 it has worked to train and release missionaries to every nation in the world. Today it has over 18,000 long term staff serving in over 180 countries.

That’s the formal version. What I get to see are hundreds of volunteers continually saying yes to Jesus. They are willing to trek into remote villages, venture to isolated islands, sleep in hammocks, sleep on floors, take bucket showers, and eat lots and lots of exotic foods. They fight through language and culture barriers, because they know that the Love and reality of Jesus can break down those barriers around them. They do it day in and day out with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. This is the community that I get to be a part of.

That was just a quick blurb in case you were joining me for the first time. May has definitely passed by very quickly and we are already in the second week of June. It has been a month of learning new things.

1. Learning the responsibilities of Student Registrar
What does a student registrar do? I am so glad you asked. I basically handle all the paperwork for incoming students in the next year’s worth of quarters. Anyone interested in one of the programs we offer- I answer their questions. Someone wanting to talk or pray by phone or FaceTime- I get the pleasure of doing that.Campbell paperwork

2. Medical Training Modules
I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a team here that are building training modules for medical volunteers both here at the base as well as those who will be serving on our ministry vessels in the Pacific. So, right now I am doing a crash course on how to build curriculum and how to format it by importance and commonality- at least in my head that’s how it’s working.

Th opportunity opened for me to move off campus and I am so happy that it worked out. My first year as staff on the UofN campus I lived with an amazing couple and their super cool daughter, where I shared a room with my friend and co-staff, Tianna. Well, they had another open place and I jumped on it at the beginning of June. I also get to room with my friend Steph and I have really really enjoyed the transition and didn’t realize how much I missed living in a “home”, until I moved back in. It has been great.

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  • The April DTS is gearing up to head out on outreach at the end of June. Please pray that all the student and staff outreach fees come in so that they will be set to travel as a team when the day arrives.
  • A friend just lost her mom. Please be in prayer for her and her family.
  • A friend from high school is fighting a brain tumor so please be in prayer for her for complete healing!
  • My cousin is having complications from dialysis treatment so please be in prayer for complete healing and relief of pain



  • My sweet bestie from DTS is getting married in a little over a month in England!!!
  • One of my friends from forever is expecting baby number three and I am super stoked for her.
  • So thankful that I get to have a bit of home life after not having it for awhile. It has been so good to me.
  • I am super thankful and so excited that I am starting to make friends within my local church community after attending for over a year.
  • Started volunteering in Children’s church every other Sunday and it has been so good to dive back in to children’s ministry after being away for a long while.


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