A couple of weeks ago we partnered with Ignite Ministries in participated with their tent event, Ignite Wilmington.  Ignite Wilmington was a ten day continuous worship and prayer event that was held near the downtown area. Mike Thornton (pictured right), head of Ignite Ministries, has been allowing God to use him to bring cities together under a tent, believing God would tear down walls of racial division within the community. This is the third time this event has taken place; the first year was in Dunn two years ago for three days and last year in Goldsboro for ten days. They wanted to unify the city by breaking down racial walls and also using this opportunity to reach out to the homeless community. There were over 50 ministries and churches that participated during the event; some even coming from as far as California to join us! Additionally, our staff from the Boiler Room, our prayer house, were privileged to partner with our friends in Wilmington.

There were many memorable moments and outpourings of love and prayer during the Ignite Ministries week: free food was provided for the homeless and the community; prayer ministries served there to share the gospel, healing, or just needed prayer. Each night speakers from different parts of the nation shared testimonies of how God has impacted their community.

Additionally, Wilmington’s city officials, police officers, and pastors (pictured below) were brought together and the community came together and prayed over them.

Lauren Smith ArtworkPersonally, I have enjoyed and appreciated the way God was glorified in the arts. I didn’t have intentions of painting during this event (since they also had an arts ministry present as well), but I wanted to share in some form of outreach with the homeless community. I began thinking about God and His omnipresence. I began painting (pictured left) an image just about that and I knew God was going to speak to someone through that painting. Later that evening, a man approached me in excitement, He shared that he wasn’t planning on coming to the tent after work, but, he knew that was where he needed to be. When arrived at the tent he knew exactly what the painting was about and shared with me how my Savior lives. He shared that knowing this fact has strengthened his faith through the years. It is an amazing moment when God can speak to someone through art, to be able to experience in that joy with him and honored to give that painting to him.

Thank you so much for making this all possible, with your donations you are helping to change lives not only in Greenville but all across eastern North Carolina!



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