Beyond the Shore

By Brandt Overman

First weekend of November I went to Ohio for a church planting boot camp with a few people. The boot camp taught about how to set up and run a church effectively. I am not planning to plant a church in near future. However, I am interested in being a part of a team which runs a church ministry effectively. This weekend taught me how to define my vision and callings more clearly. I will not my plans too hastily. God taught me how I can be more confident in Him and to enter boldly into the real world with my vision and His plans for the rest of my life. I am excited to move to Frederick in a couple of months. Pray for me to have new community in my life and keep connecting with my old friends and family.

My team and I were busy with Discipleship Training School this season. Last week, we went to the school leader’s parent’s farmhouse in Pennsylvania for a little retreat time. Although we were taking a break from the reality of life and ministry we still had a teacher come to teach us during that Thanksgiving week. We also had the chance to rest and hang out as a team by playing games and getting know each other well.

I was enjoying being on the hundred acre farm, and the view was gorgeous even though it was a cold and snowy week in November. I liked taking pictures of the nature on the farm and old buildings which helped me feel more at peace. I like old buildings as I can get lost in my imagination wondering what those buildings looked like in the 1800s.

The picture of this oak tree in the middle of field with all other trees a mile away is my favorite. It reminds me of my faith in Jesus and reminds me to remain strong through all seasons of change.

Closing the Door

Right now, there are only three more weeks left to finish YWAM. It is hard to believe. Everything seems to have gone fast, like the blinking of an eye. I am not an emotional person when transition come and one season finishes but, deep inside, I will truly missing my community here so much. 

All I need is your prayers for a smooth transition to Frederick with a job, a place to stay, making new friends, and keeping my support network strong.

Prayer Requests

  • Finances needed for gas, food, living expenses, and payments for my program.
  • Find a place to live in January for around $700/month
  • Find a job
  • A potential job

How to Support Me?

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  • Through your prayers!