Ministry at ECU has been amazing working on campus. We stay busy working with students who are a part of our campus ministry. I have been busy these last several weeks with conferences, prayer meetings and mentoring the students at the university.

I had the opportunity to work with Awake ENC Conference at Greenville Christian Fellowship for the incoming college freshmen at ECU. This was a great time to really plug in freshmen who are interested in deepening their relationship with God. It was a time where we invited the students to make a public declaration to devote their time in college to God.

Asia Godwin quote

“I’m so glad that I attended. The speakers, along with the sweet worship and prayer made it a weekend I won’t forget. I know that everyone attended was changed and given a fresh fire for the Lord and I’m hoping there will be another Awake ENC Conference next year!” – Asia Godwin


The Drop Conference

The Drop Conference in Falcon, NC


I also had the opportunity to be a part of the Drop Conference this year and it was held in Falcon, NC. This area has a rich history of revival with the birthing of the Pentecostal Holiness Movement through G.B. Cashwell.

Lou Engle at the Drop Conference

Lou Engle, one of the speakers, ministering the students as they answered the call to prayer and revival for their generation.

The conference was a call for college students all over the nation to be missional on their campus through spreading the Gospel, building small groups, and creating prayer groups at their schools. They encouraged the students that revival starts within them if they want to see their classmates come to know Christ. The Conference was a wonderful time for students to see their peers from other states pursuing God on different campuses.

ENC also hosted a campus outreach last month called Glow. Glow is a night outreach that focused on engaging the students in helping them continue to heal the racial divide on the campus. We had students from the ministry share their testimonies about how they rose above personal challenges and how Christ helped to heal the wounds of their past. We had a handful of students who gave their lives to Christ and others who chose to rededicate their life back to Christ.

One of my favorite moments of the night came from one of the students who gave her life to Christ during the altar call because I was able to be a part of the process. That night, I was about to pray with a girl who just dedicated her life to the Lord. I began to pray over her and the Lord began to speak to me things that were directly affecting her life. I began to tell her was there in the times that she met him in the morning. She then became amazed at the fact I knew that and told me that she questions if God can hear her when she awakens because of everything that has happened in her life. In that moment she had a deep encounter with the Lord and told me that as I was praying for her that she was having a warmth come over her. Then I told her that she was about to get baptized in the Holy spirit and I began to pray for her again. I told her that I would follow up with her after the event and she sent me a long message about how Glow really changed her life.


Lauren and Devon Falls Wedding

Normally I would be on a routine with giving updates on what is happening with my ministry but within the last month I have gotten engaged and married to my amazing husband Devon Falls. So life has been increasingly busy these last two months. We have been longtime friends for the past seven years and met on the campus of ECU through the campus ministry I now serve. He is a marine that is currently serving in California while I continue to do ministry here at ECU until the time that I can move. I am so excited to see how God uses our lives together in this new season.

Thank you so much for making this all possible! With your donations, you are not only helping to change lives not only in Greenville, but across Eastern North Carolina.


Lauren Falls



  1. Pray for myself and my husband as we begin our first year of marriage
  2. For the students who gave their life to God, that they will know their identity and purpose in Christ.
  3. As this semester comes to a close, please be praying for our students over the holidays that they would continue to strengthen their relationship with God.


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