We trust you had a good Christmas!
This is an update on September-Decefamilyason. Our family is doing fine, except for Sophia’s arthritis. Please continue praying for a miracle of healing for her!

Among major ministry events are:
Mission trips to Carpathian Mountains, Campus Outreach, and High School Outreach.

Mission trips to Carpathian Mountains

We made three trips to Carpathians in the past three months. Our goal was to bring some practical help to the most needy families and to create encounters with Jesus for the people we meet through sharing the Gospel and praying for their needs.

This is Anna. She has a very tragic story. She has been paralyzed for the past 9 years after a car accident. She used to be one of the happiest and energetic children. When Nadya and Borys used to come to her village to do a Bible Study and give some help, she would run from a house to house to call people for a meeting. Because of the help of some of you, we were able to order a custom-made wheelchair for Anna. But I have a feeling she will walk again. Please remember Anna in your prayers. Anything is possible with God!

If you are interested in hearing more details about one of those trips, please watch this video:

Campus Outreach

With a help of Ten Days wonderful team, we targeted the Printing Academy in L’viv. The outreach involved street Evangelism and intensive five day English Club with the countless Gospel conversations. As the result, we started a weekly English club at the church venue, and several students started the discipleship process.

To see more pics and videos of this event please go to https://tinyurl.com/yc9e8dql

High School Outreach

It was one of my favorite outreaches. Through partnering with JV, we were able to get into schools where no sharing the Gospel is officially allowed. Some of our youth did not know about the restriction and shared the Gospel with the dozens of high schoolers right at the school. After the school, we invited them to our territory where we could freely talk about spiritual matters. I was amazed at our youth’s maturity and hard work!

To see more pics and videos of this event please go to https://tinyurl.com/y9n3pr3d

Elina and I are in a full-time ministry. Our income mostly comes from raising support. If you are not currently supporting our ministry, please consider sending a gift. We do need your support!

It can be as easy as Paypaling few dollars to lviv.igor[at]gmail[dot]com or donating it through Global Impact Resources online or send them a check:
Global Impact Resources, Attn: Account 54, P.O. Box 3012, Greenville, NC 27836

We couldn’t do any of this without you. Thank you for standing with us!

With love,

Igor and Elina


P.S.-If your church has a cordless microphone that you don’t use anymore, please consider donating it to our ministry.

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