Ministry updates Summer 2021

Greetings from Lviv, Ukraine!
We hope this letter finds you doing well.

Below are the highlights of our ministry for the past few months. We invite you to rejoice with us because of what God has done!


We have baptismal services several times per year. This spring we baptized five people. It is very encouraging for me and for everyone in the church who is involved in outreach and discipleship. Every baptism reminds us that our work in the Lord is not vain.

Yulia is baptized on the picture above.
While each person has an unique story behind their baptism picture, Yulia’s story is very unusual. I wrote about her in one of my previous newsletters. Yulia lives in one of the Muslim countries because of her work. Her sister and mother are in our church and have been witnessing to Yulia online.

After she accepted Christ, we connected her to a church in her country and she got plugged in into the discipleship process. Yulia chose to be baptized in Lviv during her recent visit so that her mother and sister could be present. 

God works in mysterious ways. By making disciples without even leaving Ukraine we led a young lady to Christ who now shares about Christ with her Muslim boss in a Muslim country.

Carpathian Mission

     We met Olia in one of the villages where we regularly minister in Carpathian Mountains. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and any medical help was way beyond her means and hopes. We arranged series of doctor appointments for her in lviv, hosted her and paid for all the doctors’ visits and for the brain surgery and a hospital stay.
     While Olia was in Lviv waiting for the surgery, she came to church prayer meeting where she accepted Christ.

Covid quarantine pushed our boundaries. This family lives far from Lviv, but they started watching our services online. We visit their home once in a while for a time of fellowship, prayer, and bible study.

Ministering to homeless people in our community


We not only pray for them but also taught them to lay hands and pray for each other.

At least once per week, we come with groceries and hot tea.

Reaching the Next Generation that Reaches Their Next Generation

Katia and Illia teach a children’s class (pictures above).
Because Young People is one of the key values of our church, I am used to the fact that my generation has been active in reaching the next generation. The pictures above are especially precious because Illia and Katia represent those whom my generation reached. And now they are doing the same – actively reaching their next generation.

It is natural for people to hang around their own age category and it takes intentionality and mission-mindedness to breach the generational barriers.



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