The last several months have been full of activity as the days counted down and I prepared to move to Haiti. I was able to travel to Wisconsin, Washington and Kentucky the visit friends and family as well as speak at multiple meetings and groups to share what God is doing in Haiti and the things He has called me to do. It was truly incredible to see how God went before me to prepare people’s hearts and the way He connected people with the ministry that God is doing in Carries.

In between traveling and packing and spending time with people, I have been working on getting everyone ready for their upcoming trips to Bolivia and Mexico with my church. It is always such an incredible joy to see people experience God’s faithfulness as He provides for them and I am believing for incredible things to happen for these groups as they step out to take the message of His kingdom into the nations.

When I first returned home in January, it felt as though May would never come and now that it is here and I leave in a matter of days, it feels as though I’m frantically grasping at time, willing it to slow down. I am so expectant for the incredible things God is going to do in this next season but leaving the people and places that I love the most is incredibly difficult. I am so thankful for God’s grace to carry me through this next season and take rest in knowing that His plan for me is ALWAYS good.

On Sunday, I will celebrate my 30th birthday and the next day, I will get on a plane and start a new adventure in a new place. I am so honored that God would choose me and am thankful to have a place to come home to as well. He is so good to us.

When I purchased my ticket 4 months ago, I did so in faith that all of the necessary finances would come in to complete my partnership team. He has done some incredible things to provide but I am still $750 short in monthly partnership and am truly believing for God to show up in a miraculous way to bring all of this in before I go. If you would like to either join my partnership team or increase your monthly partnership, the giving link is below.

Please pray for me in these coming weeks as I make such a major transition and I look forward to sharing with you all that God does. Thank you so much for walking this journey with me- absolutely nothing that I do would be possible without such a great team of partners and friends to join with me in what God is doing!

To learn more about Adriane and how you can support her missionary work financially, please visit How To Give