Over the last several months we have seen several exciting new changes and had several powerful moments. In April the Boiler Room hosted our final monthly burn and commissioned Marcus and Lauren Barefield as they moved to Colombia, SC to start a burn there later this year. At this time we begin shifting our focus at the Boiler Room to our daily and weekly prayer gatherings. These have grown to 12 weekly worship and prayer meetings totalling 14+ hours of corporate prayer and worship happening at the Boiler Room each week! This includes our weekly Burn service, which we are excited to be kicking off, Saturday, August 29th!

Boiler Room Worship Service

In May, we hosted several “Harp & Bowl” trainings, teaching several local worship leaders, singers, and intercessors practical techniques for leading intercessory worship and worship-based prayer meetings. We finished out the month with a bang by hosting the Southeast Regional Burn Conference and Summit. At the leadership summit we saw representation from 15 different cities in the Carolinas and Virginia, & served to unite, encourage, inspire and resource these pioneers in the prayer and worship movement. The Conferences was an exciting time of worship and encouragement as over 150 believers from dozens of various churches, cities, and denominations gathered in unity for two days to worship Jesus, fellowship, receive teaching & encouragement, and to cry out together for a greater move of God!

Frank & Meredith Boone of The Boiler Room

In June, Merrie and I tied the knot! Our wedding was incredible, and we were blessed to have many of our friends and family members there rejoicing with us. We were extremely blown away by how wonderful our wedding, reception, and honeymoon turned out despite our tight budget & through it all we felt the favor of God and the love of our family, friends, and ministry partners. After returning from the honeymoon and settling in I was happy to get back to the prayer room and continue working toward the vision of cultivating a missional, praying community of believers, unified in Christ and encountering God in the place of day and night worship and prayer.

For the last 2 months, my wife and I have had the incredible joy of seeing several lives touched and transformed by the gospel, love, and presence of God as we have been travelling to several Churches in NC, leading powerful times of worship and ministry, and sharing the vision God has given for the Boiler Room and its role as a house of prayer and missions hub in eastern, NC. Also, from June to July, I went from spending around 7hrs a week in the Boiler Room facilitating prayer and worship to spending 11+ hours in the Boiler Room as we were able to start 5 new weekly meeting times! One of the big reasons we are able to do this is because, by Gods grace, we have been able to mobilize 20+ volunteers who have committed to give 1 or more hours a week towards helping lead or facilitate on of the weekly prayer meetings! As of 8/24/15 the prayer-room schedule looks like this:

9-10am – Family Worship
10-11am – Devotional

9-10am – Worship w/ the Word
10-11am – Devotional

7-8:30pm – Worship and Intercession for Greenville**

9-10am – Intercession for Justice Issues (Social Injustice, Human trafficking etc..)
10-11am – Devotional

9-10am – Intercession for ECU (also Brody, Pitt, and other local campuses)
10-11am – Devotional

9-10am – Intercession for the Nations
10-11am – Intercession for the Boiler Room

9am – Burn service & Bible teaching.

Burn Greenville Service and Bible Teaching

**For over a year, anywhere from 25 to 50+ believers from churches all over the area have been coming out for an extended time of worship and prayer every Tuesday night. This summer we have had worship and teaching on Tuesday nights, but with the launch of the Saturday burn service, Tuesday nights will return to being a time of worship and prayer.

Meredith & I are able to be used in ministry because of your prayers, encouragement, and generosity. Thank you for partnering with us! you are such an integral part of what God is doing in this region through our ministry and the Boiler Room!
God Bless you and yours!

Franklin Boone
Worship Artist // Musicianary
Global Impact Resources
The Boiler Room