Dear Friends,

Greetings from a beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. Unlike much of the northern hemisphere, where Christmas is celebrated in the snow or around the fire place, we do it in the sand and around the beach. I still prefer the former.

So much has happened since I last wrote. The biggest news, which we are celebrating like crazy, is the cancer free report that we received after Adam’s PET scan. He was on a 6 months regimen of intense chemo therapy. They only test to see the progress at the end of 4 months. Although this has been incredibly stressful, we have seen God’s goodness every step of the way. We are so thankful for all the prayer support that we received. We could not have gotten through this without the support of so many amazing people.

This past year has been one of the most challenging for our family. Two of our sons battled serious illness and one of Connie’s sisters went to heaven. There have been many battles, but lots of victories. Our eldest son, Ben was ordained and went full time as one of our Pastors. Adam is not only cancer free, he also passed his level 3 CFA exam, and is now a Chartered Financial Analyst. Our son, Ethan also became lawyer in Tennessee.

The church in Cape Town is doing well. We have seen growth in almost every area of the ministry. The most exciting thing for Connie and me is to see so many people taking big steps of faith. From pioneering new businesses to launching new ministries, Journey of Grace is a place where people are activated to create and build. Our primary passion to help people bring Jesus and his kingdom into the trenches of their daily lives.

One of the highlights over the past few months was hosting Kevin and Teresa Dedmon from Bethel. They did their Limitless conference, and it was life changing. We had some other amazing leaders with us like Dano McCollum, Justin Abrahams and Suzette Hatting. We are still a relatively young church (5 years), but there is so much maturity in our community. We are also serving several other churches and ministries in the broader Cape Town are.

Another blessing was the launching of Bill’s book, Let Love Lead. It is an honest and thought provoking look at what happens when love wears a leader.

By the way, we still have plans to plant a church in Nashville in 2019. We had to postpone it until next year because we needed to stay in Cape Town to help our son, Adam. We really need your prayer support for that. A few things still need to fall into place for us to get to Nashville.

Thanks you so much for your prayers and your friendship. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Years.

In His Love,

Bill and Connie





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