After a truly amazing and much needed 5 weeks in the states, I get on a plane next week to head home to Haiti. The process of calling Haiti my home has been quite a long and difficult one, but especially over these last 6 months, it has become even truer. Life there is far from easy and I often wonder if I am making a difference but it really is a place that I love and am committed to. These past few weeks have been exactly what I needed to move forward in the next season. I have been able to sleep, relax, eat lots of good food and spend time with people who really bring life to me. And each time I come home for a visit, I continue to experience God’s grace and peace over my heart as He calms my fears- no matter how much time or distance passes, this place will always be my home and I will always have a place here. As I continue to rest in that, it allows me to fully engage and enjoy whatever season He calls me. Even though saying goodbye next week will be difficult (it never gets any easier), I know that I will be welcomed back with open arms next time I visit.

A New Season

These next few months I am back will be an incredibly busy time at the mission. We always have many teams come in June and July- many of them back to back. I absolutely love the work I am able to do with teams and hosting them while they are here so it is satisfying, though also very tiring.
As our long term team changes and shifts with the summer and people coming and going, my position will be shifting as well. I will be spending more time with teams as well as balancing our sponsorship program and activities at the orphanage. It will be a stretching experience but I am looking forward to this new season.

Another Language

One of the most difficult things about living in a foreign country is the language barrier. Not being able to connect or communicate with people on a deeper level can be very discouraging and isolating. While I have learned a lot the last year and a half, I still have a long way to go in order to communicate naturally and easily (and proficiently). There is an online based program many people have used that I believe would be a huge help to me in this process. The cost of the program is $149. If you would like to cover the cost of the program and give me a much-needed boost in this area, I would be incredibly grateful!

For most missionaries, the time they return home serves as a time of rest and a time of fundraising. Due to the difficulty of these past 6 months, I have spent nearly all of my time resting and resetting to return to Haiti. In order to be fully funded and sustained, I need an additional $500 in monthly partnership. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner or increasing your existing partnership? You can do so by giving here.


As I prepare to head back, please be in prayer for grace in my last few days in the states as well as safe travels. Please also pray for a smooth transition back into life in Haiti, especially physically as sometimes our bodies don’t adjust as quickly as we would like 🙂


To learn more about Adriane and how you can support her missionary work financially, please visit How To Give.