Unrest and a Trip to the US

For those of you who follow myself and/or Mission of Grace on social media, you have seen that we have had some significant amounts of unrest both in Haiti nationwide as well as in our community. The unrest in Haiti began in July and seemed to boil over at random times thought out the past year while the unrest in our community began shortly before in June and, while on and off, has been fairly consistent this past year.

After the country essentially shut down for 2 weeks in February due to protesting and riots, the unrest within our community boiled over the next month and our mission ended up being forced to move everyone to Ocean View (the hotel where we live) for their safety. 

After watching the situation and getting advice Ms Lynn and Kim made the decision to relocate the mission to the mountains in the south where Ms Lynn’s family is from. When the decision was made to temporarily move the mission, I made the choice to come back to the states to get a chance to rest and recoup from the incredible amounts of stress we had endured throughout the last season.

I spent the first 2 weeks at a friend’s vacation mountain home in North Carolina in order to be able to rest and process and have time alone before returning to TN. Overall it was a great trip back and I returned to Haiti this week very rested.


A New Season

While the rest of the mission will continue living in Plaisance until the rest of June, due to several circumstances I will be staying in Carries along with Abeline and a few of our teen girls from the mission who are completing their school year in another town.

It is going to be very different being here without any other long termers or teams but I am very much looking forward to this slower season to continue to be refreshed and to reflect and process what the coming season in Haiti will look like for me.

An Update on Abeline

While in the states, everyone I spoke to asked about Abeline and wanted and update on where we are at with her visa. Unfortunately it is a very slow process and we are still trying to make contact with hospitals and work towards getting her accepted somewhere in the US. Please continue to be in prayer for God to open the right doors in His perfect timing.

A Big Need

I have been in Haiti for almost 4 years and it has been such a great season. However, I have been feeling for awhile that I would like to move to a place of having greater independence and a big step towards that would be purchasing a car. While the mission does have vehicles available, the availability of a vehicle and driver are limited. This can make it very difficult when it comes to getting away for a few hours or taking Abeline to appointments.

In order to purchase a car, I need to raise approximately $15,000. I know that this number seems large but I know that God can open doors and make a way to provide for this.If you would like to donate towards the cost of a new vehicle, you can PayPal me: adriane@missionofgracehaiti.org. OR if you have a truck or mid-size SUV you would like to either donate or sell at a reduced price, please let me know.


Please continue to pray for guidance and favor as we pursue a medical visa for Abeline to receive treatment in the US. Please also pray for God’s miraculous provision to be able to purchase a reliable vehicle to use here in Haiti. Finally pray for God’s grace and peace in this coming season while the mission is still away.


To learn more about Adriane and how you can support her missionary work financially, please visit How To Give.