Summer is always one of the busiest times for us at Mission of Grace as we host multiple summer teams during the months of June, July and August. In addition to our teams, we also have summer interns who come to serve with us and much of my time is spend meeting with our pouring into them, overseeing their schedules and ensuring that they are staying healthy- mentally and emotionally. We had some wonderful summer interns who blessed and encouraged me immensely and leading them always challenges my leadership and causes me to grow in so many ways.

We also had several teams in a few short weeks, many of them coming the same day the team before them left. I love being able to work with so many teams and seeing the different gifts and abilities and passions and talents that they bring to the mission. In a place that can sometimes become very lonely due to a lack of consistent friendships, these teams continue to breath life and encouragement and community into my days.

As many of you may have seen, there has been quite a bit of unrest in the nation of Haiti these last few weeks. It seems as though Haiti is always one political decision away from chaos but it was definitely a different experience being there in the midst of everything falling apart. While we were safe, we  had to stay inside the hotel compound for multiple days as roadblocks occurred right outside of our gates and everything was very unknown and unsure. We were unable to get into the city for multiples days are were very thankful when we were able to restock food and fuel for the mission. We have also had some unrest within our own community, though much of it happening at night. Pray for our community, that people would experience peace and comfort when surrounded by things that could easily breed anxiety and fear.

Planning for this year

As with many schools and organizations, September marks the beginning of new year more than January does. As summer comes to a close and we have a small break in teams coming, we like to take this time to reset and get fresh vision for what is coming in this new season. We take a break from Bible study and step back to ask God what He is doing. As school gets ready to begin, I am asking God to new
strategy for our sponsorship at Mission of Grace and our internship program. I am planning for our upcoming semester of Women’s Bible Study and asking God for His heart and vision for me to begin pouring into our older girls in the orphanage more intentionally. I am thankful for the opportunity step back and see what He sees and what He would have me give my time and heart to in these coming months.


It has been nearly 1 year since I have been back to TN to visit friends and partners and taken the time to rest and fundraise. With a break in our team schedule, I decided to plan a last minute trip back to TN for a few weeks in August and September. While I am here, I will be taking some time to rest, plan and reset for this upcoming year (September is when our year really gears up again) while also doing some traveling and fundraising.


While I am here in these coming weeks, I will be spending time meeting with people and sharing about my work in Haiti. I need an additional $500 in monthly partnership. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner or increasing your existing partnership? You can do so by giving here.


Please pray that my time in the states is both productive and restful and that I would be able to go back with fresh vision and inspiration for this upcoming season. Pray for all the students in our community as they begin preparing for this upcoming school year. And please pray for peace and stability for Haiti.



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