Aren’t They Amazing?

School: YWAM Ships September Discipleship Training School
Staff: 7 from U.S, Canada, and New Zealand
Students: 24 from U.S, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, Australia, and Finland
Weeks of Lecture Phase: 12
Outreach Locations: Papua New Guinea and the Marshall Islands
Weeks of Outreach: 10

campbell-j5I remember standing with my Pastor the Sunday before I left home saying that this fall as I head back, it would look a bit different. It has been so different and so life giving! For the last five weeks I have had this amazing gift of staffing the fall discipleship training school (DTS). This spring into summer I really felt the Lord asking me to lay IPHC down for a season. I did so not knowing how long that season would be, but knowing it was absolutely essential.

campbell-j1Enter in 24 students from all over the world who are amazing and all in very different places with their walk with the Lord. Some new, some seasoned and all desiring to walk in authenticity and abandoned love; to be a part of completing the great commission and loving the nations that are not their own. These are the one’s I get to walk beside, to disciple, and to do life with. I have very real days of coming before the Lord and saying ” Is this right Lord

In this short month I have watched as students have asked very hard questions and battled with belief. I have prayed with them through confusion and frustration. I have danced with them in Joy and adoration of our father. I have stood in awe as they experienced breakthrough and victory in battles. This is real life, and this is serious to them and I get to do this! I do!! What?!?! It has been a crazy, full, month and I feel more in Love with Jesus, my father than I ever have before. He is re-establishing identity rooted in him. He is breaking of the fear of man, he is breaking off patterns of sin and walking me through redemption and in the days that I am raw and walking through it, He is so so near!!!!!

campbell-j2Thank you for taking this ride with me. If you have any questions, if you want prayer, if you want to share with me your thoughts my details are down, below. I just have to say thank you for making this possible, for sharing this journey, for believing in me as a missionary, a leader, and a child of God. Jesus is so cool!!!!!!!!


Team Papau New Guinea

Aren’t they amazing?? We represent four nations with one goal in mind: To share the gospel, to glorify Jesus in all the earth, and love with all our guts. I already love this group so much!! They carry compassion and gentleness. They carry fire and Sass. They carry strength and boldness. They carry leadership and courage. They carry the Holy Spirit and unity! I love them!

As we head to PNG- all of them experiencing it for the first time, we will spend part of our time on the M/V Pacific Link in Wewak, East Sepik, in the north eastern part of the country. Then we will have a chance to spend some time in some villages.

As we get closer to the day we leave – I shall be sharing more about this incredible team and all we shall be doing, but in the meantime we still have seven weeks of lecture phase and from what God has already been doing, I can’t wait for the next seven weeks!!!


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