Here at Bethel International Church, the past few months have been of time of changes and great strides.

Changes: We recently transitioned our Sunday meeting to an English medium. I’m preaching in English as before, but now without a translator. Previously, our worship was entirely in Amharic, but we’re now using a mixture of English and Amharic songs.

Our reason for doing this: Our vision has always been to be an International Church. Addis is often referred to as the “capital of Ethiopia,” and there are expats from many nations living here. We have a burden and, we believe, a responsibly to reach them with the Good News of the Kingdom. Just as there were people from many nations gathered together in Jerusalem who heard the Gospel on the day of Pentecost, we believe God has brought many of these expats to Ethiopia to hear the message of salvation. We believe God will use many of these expats as missionaries when they return to countries. We also have a vision to develop young Ethiopian leaders who will one day carry the Gospel to many nations — and we believe the most effective way to equip them to do this is to train them here in Ethiopia in the context of an International Church.

We plan to continue our Tuesday teaching meeting and our Friday prayer meeting in Amharic. To better equip our church members, we’ll soon be starting an English class to help strengthen their English skills.

Great strides: We recently added a new team member named Biniyam Bekele. Biniyam came on board as finance and administrative director. Biniyam’s helped us restructure our administrative system, greatly increasing our efficiency. The new structure has also encouraged our team members and brought a “fresh wind” to us all. Welcome aboard Bini, you are a great addition to our team!

The church is encouraged at this time, people are growing in their faith, people are getting saved, and God is adding people. We sense that this is a time of breakthrough for us. Please join in prayer that Gods purposes for this coming season will be fulfilled. Thank you for standing with us. Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of many young people here in Ethiopia.

May God bless each of you in Jesus Name!