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Our campuses are still virtual here, however I continue to host Bible studies and groups to share the gospel with the lost. Recently my group leaders asked the guests looking to explore Christianity, “If Jesus were here with us today, how would you feel and what would you say to him?” One student who was a first time attendant quickly became vulnerable and said, “If Jesus were here today I’d probably get angry at him. I’d yell at him and cuss him out.” My student leader courageously stepped in and empathetically asked what were some of the reasons the student was angry at Jesus. He shared about different circumstances where he felt God left him to fend for himself. The night continued on and I was unsure of how the student perceived our group. However, after the night was over, the student texted me personally and said that he had a great time and he joined our call again couple of weeks later. Raw emotions from students are often intimidating, however, I would much rather someone share difficult emotions than sit back apathetically. I feel encouraged when students feel safe enough to be honest and real. It’s an opportunity for trust to be built. I’m pretty sure God can handle people’s feelings and misconceptions about him, and I look forward to slowly working through those feelings and misconceptions with my students.


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Oct - Nov 2020 Newsletter

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