Thank you so much for your prayers for Chen from my last newsletter! I had the opportunity to take her on a tour of the Christian college she is wanting to attend and while we were there she said she would like to be baptized at this college! I know the outward expression of baptism is such a big step in her new walk of faith and such a quick answer to your prayers.

      In a recent discipleship meeting, a student read something from the comments of her Bible. It talked about Jesus’ life being an example and how we are to strive to be like Christ. She stopped and shared a pivotal discovery “Melanie, I can’t be like Jesus. He was God and I have no idea how to be like God. Jesus surprises me with the things He did in the chapters we are reading.” To look at Jesus as a mere example of how to live often means we think we have what it takes to be like Christ. If we could be like Christ then we wouldn’t need Him. The irony of becoming like Christ is to

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