Hello Friend,

     I feel I am writing you from a whirlwind. In the last 2 months, our team has engaged with 658 individuals on college campuses in the midwest including, students, faculty, and community members. Of those 52 said they would like to follow Christ as a result of attending the evening event. I have not been in attendance at the events, my role is to personally follow up with everyone who responded and make sure they are plugging into a local faith based community or invite them to be discipled through a weekly Bible study via zoom. Up to this point, I have been responsible for discipling all the women, yet I am relieved to have two other women join the team to share my load.

     A Georgia Southern college student, Kiarra, met our team and was moved to turn her life to Christ. When I followed up with her, she said “I always went to church with my family, but I never made it my own. Now I want to make my faith my own.” I am currently meeting with Kiarra regularly and she is ready to share her faith with those around her as she grows in Christ.

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