It’s been almost a year since I have seen my students in person, but their need for connection and mentorship has not changed. Recently I had a call with Milly. She wanted to be a part of a Bible Study and was looking for a place to share her questions about God. In our conversation she said something like this, “I have lost sight of God and feel frustrated because I don’t know my purpose.” I could hear a deep struggle in her voice and even a fight just trying to survive with the situations around her. I encouraged her, God made you, He cares for you, and He has not forgotten you. In fact, He can not forget you. You are so important to Him. He hasn’t lost sight of you and He wants to show Himself to you.” Milly and I have been meeting virtually and seeking God together both in the Word and in prayer to help re-establish this young believer in her faith. It is encouraging to see her take initiative  in reading her Bible and bring lots of questions from what shereads.

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