Near Horizons

August 2018 Update

The word “horizon” conjures different images from diverse cultures. Some view horizons as unknown opportunities while others reflexively tense up with distant memories of invasions that left destruction in their wake. This lens also influences how we see the command of God to go into all the nations and make disciples. Secular media either saturates us with the fear of “others” or with a materialistic sedative that renders God’s kingdom a distant and faded horizon.

The nearness of the things of God is more often affected by which end of the telescope we look through, and God would encourage us to abandon fear, embrace faith, and peer through the right end of the telescope. Then we will see that he and the horizons of his kingdom are near.

Myra and I are glad to be immersed in God’s horizons again, and even though there is a summer lull in Europe, things have been very busy for both of us. We preached for four weeks in our home church, Christ the King, in Krakow, and I as I reported in our last update, we are very busy with our preparation for a significant outreach in Timisoara, Romania in October. We are also assisting another couple who are moving to Bucharest, Romania in the fall to start a new church, and we will report more on that as it develops.

Additionally, we will take a short scouting trip to Prague, Czech Republic in September. It seems that many people are looking through the right end of the telescope!

I just returned from a very fruitful trip to Odessa, Ukraine where I was invited to train young leaders from another ministry on discipleship and leadership. I was acquainted with pastor Vitaly Maksimyuk-Kogana a few years ago through a leader in the US, Irina Kralenko, who wanted to translate and use our Every Nation discipleship materials. Pastor Vitaliy leads a movement of churches in Siberia and has his base is Novosibirsk, Russia. We have known the same leaders for decades, but we only met each other recently. His ministry in Odessa, Ukraine began as a rehabilitation center but now serves as a transition home for orphans as well as a base for their new Odessa church plant.

While there, I trained local teens and young interns visiting from Siberia, and Pastor Vitaliy has invited me to Siberia to do the same next year. We believe that this strategic friendship will open new doors for us to start churches and campus ministries in the former republics of the Soviet Union. Our ten-day Romania outreach in October will be spearheaded by a team from the US as well as other members from England and Ukraine. Myra and I will go one week early and stay for an extended period afterward to help the local team with follow-up and establishing the university outreach. Our total budget need including housing and all transportation for this one-month trip is just $2000, and we ask you to consider investing in this endeavor with a special gift. Far horizons are becoming near, and the mission remains the same, to seek and save those who are lost. We thank you for partnering with us in God’s calling.

Mike and Myra

Prayer Requests

1. New financial partners for our expanded ministry

2. Strength and grace for our travels

3. Team development for Romanian projects

4. Peace for Ukraine




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