Hi, my name is Ashton.  At a very young age I began questioning the meaning of life. Though I seemed to have the ideal all-American home I was still broken and lost on the inside.  I began to ask myself – how is this possible? Why do I feel so empty when I have everything I could ever want?

For me, this question left me searching.  I found that I was finding my identity and determining my worth based upon wealth, relationships of the opposite sex, popularity, name brand apparel, beauty, etc.  I learned the way most of us do that even when we have the luxuries of this world our soul can still be left very empty.  At that point I realized I was created with divine purpose and the worlds idea of success was limiting me from living up to my fullest potential.  My insecurities left me believing that I didn’t have anything worth giving to the world around me.

I had to rediscover that creativity was within me.  We have all been given the ability to dream, tell stories, and create a better life for the world around us, but that is impossible to do if we are broken, lost, and without a personal revelation of who we  were created to be.  I am an artist here in Hollywood and I found it is easier to express my creativity the more rooted I am in my identity. I believe that the creative artist’s within Hollywood have the opportunity to release a message of hope, a message of rediscovering who you were created for, but this can only come through personal discovery of ones worth.  My vision is to see a world that understands their beauty and their worth so that they can live a life of purpose, integrity, and great destiny.

I am now the creator of Beauty I AM an non profit based in Los Angeles, California.  Beauty I AM is designed to unlock creativity by restoring the mind, body, and spirit and releasing true beauty that comes from within.  It is our mission to help artist reach their dreams without sacrificing who they are and who God created them to be.

We provide community, counsel, and support to the women in our community through our website and through our monthly artist support group!  Each week we feature an artist so please stop by our website and check out their story!


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